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Mr Abdul Matlab Ahmad Chairman Of Nitol Niloy Group From Bangladesh Visited India And Opened New Avenues With Dr Dipankar Roy A Renowned Artist And Humanitarian

Abdul Matlub Ahmad, Chairman of the Nitol-Niloy Group in Bangladesh, leads a prominent business entity in the country. The Nitol-Niloy Group, a well-known name in Bangladesh, is strategically planning expansion and venturing into foreign investments through joint

Actress Priya Singh Expands Her Cinematic Journey From Bhojpuri Films As She Is Set To Feature In A Hindi Web Series

Indian actress Priya Singh, known for her commendable performances in Bhojpuri cinema, is gearing up for a new chapter in her career. Having graced the screen in films like ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Sangharsh 2’ alongside

Xishmiya Brown – Latest Pictures

Xishmiya Brown – Latest Pictures   Xishmiya Brown – Latest Pictures

Aslam Shaik Mla & Sandeep DCP Attended The Birthday Celebrations Of Indian Shakira Piyu Chouhan

Among those who attended the birthday were Aslam Sheikh, M L A, businessman, model Rudra, Actor Imran Sheikh, Gayatri Singh, Varun kapoor, celebrity designer Ashok Punjabi, actress Jagruti Parihar, Faizal Khan, Dcp Sandeep Bhazibkhare, P.I.Manoj Pawar, Khushi

Kajanpreet Singh’s Superlative Skills In The Art Department Opens Doors Of Opportunities For Him In The Entertainment Industry

The music scene in India has drastically evolved as Punjabi bangers have taken the front seat. Besides their catchy tunes, Punjabi songs are known for its visual appeal. In the vibrant city of Punjab’s Batala, where the

From The Fields Of Punjab To The Screens, Cinematographer Ramandeep Singh Makes It Big In The Industry

No matter where you come from, nothing can hinder your way if you have a dream to achieve your goals. Hailing from the Majhuke village in Punjab, where the air is filled with the fragrance of crops,

Raj Kumar From Amritsar Goes Across Borders As A Production Head In The Cinema World

The Indian entertainment industry is vast with a myriad of opportunities for creative professionals. In the heart of Amritsar, Raj Kumar is making waves in the global entertainment industry for his work as a Production Head. The

Punjab’s Harmanpreet Singh has a longing dream to showcase Indian dance on the global stage

Just like music, dance knows no geographical boundaries. After all, it is the purest form of art uniting several creative professionals from the nuke and corner of the world. Intending to take India on the international stage,

Jaskaran Singh Says – It Feels Good That Now Film Makers Consider Dit As A Crucial Part

In the ever-changing world where digitalization is taking over, it is important to have appropriate knowledge about tech. As the internet has expanded its reach across the rural and urban areas of the country, 22-year-old Jaskaran Singh

Ronin Operator Harinder Singh From Punjab Aims To Capture The World’s Finest Visuals

The only way to become successful is to start young. Lately, many individuals prefer to hustle in the initial stage of their career to gain immense momentum and expertise. In the quest for success in the entertainment