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Rekha Vyalapalli – There Is A Real Need To Fill The Empty Plates Of The Needy

जरूरतमंदो के खाली प्लेटों को भरने की है असली जरूरत : रेखा व्यालपल्ली लॉकडाउन में फँसे हज़ारों बिहार,झारखंड और यूपी के मज़दूर को रोज़ भोजन करा रही “रेखा चेरिटेबल ट्रस्ट” हैदराबाद। कोरोना वायरस के संक्रमण को लेकर

Music Video Queen Ansh Shekhawats Album FIKAR Is Touching On The Hearts Of People

Music Video Queen Annsh Shekhawat is swaying the hearts of people with her music album “Fikar” Annsh Shekhawat who has earlier acted in several music videos has now won the hearts of all the listeners with her

Business After Lock Down Tips By Business Coach Arvind Khinvesra

Lockdown has been a great leveler. It has impacted businesses across the globe, industry and scale of business. However, whether you stay affected or recover lost ground depends on What You Do Now. There is not much

Surat Boy Hardik Tailor Collaborates With Dubai Based DJ Shadow For Quarantine Special

Quarantine and lockdown is the only common word we are probably listening from everyone’s mouth these days. And seems like being bored has become it’s synonym. But to take away all the blues and induce a healthy

Sandeep Yadav And His Companions Fighting Against Corona Relentlessly Round The Clock To Save Our Country And Vicinity

कोरोना के खिलाफ जंग लड़ता योद्धा संदीप यादव एव साथी। जिस वक्त से पूरा विश्व कोरोना नामक महामारी का शिकार हुए है, भारत देश भी इससे अछूता नहीं रह, परंतु इस विषम परिस्थितियों में कोरोना से जंग

13th International Festival Of Cellphone Cinema Announced

Mumbai: 13th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema has been announced for all those who love short films and ready to shoot stills and movie on their mobile phones, submission of entries to be closed on 15th May, the date

Jai Maharashtra Says Amrita Rao

1 May 2020, Mumbai: Actress Amrita Rao who prides in been born and brought up in Mumbai, took time during the lockdown for her special salutations to the State on the occasion of Maharashtra Day. May 1st

Rishi Kapoor Actor passes away in Mumbai

Actor Rishi Kapoor died on Thursday after a 2-year battle with leukaemia. He was cremated in the presence of family and friends on Thursday evening. Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, who has had a glorious career in the