Ruchi Narula after “Archerz Mrs India 2017” ready to fly. 

Ruchi Narula who become the proud winner of “Archerz Mrs India 2017” recently few months back after a tough competition of hundreds of contestants, is now ready to a long jump as Archana Tomar and Tushhar Dhaliwal gave her chance to represent India in “Mrs Universe 2017” which is going to be held in Durban, South Africa very soon in August. Also Ruchi  Narula is Jury for ‘Miss & Mrs North India 2017’ going to be held in New Delhi soon. Ruchi has covered a long journey to achieve this position, since 21 years ago she won her first tittle of ‘Miss Fresher’, she has always participated enthusiastically every contest whichever was a part.

A Ludhiana girl Ruchi got her match in Sandeep Narula from Patiala, she feels herself very lucky as her husband Sandeep always keep her motivating and encouraging so that she can follow her passion besides taking care of the family, she got a huge welcome party from her friends and colleagues after winning “Archerz Mrs India 2017” crown.


Ruchi said “I never thought of participating in the contest, but my beloved husband provoked me to try my luck, as I was chosen “Winter Queen” few days before at Elite Club in Patiala, my husband’s belief in me helped me to win this title of “Archerz Mrs India 2017”. Now Ruchi is getting geared up to participate in Mrs Universe Contest in Durban city of South Africa in August 2017.


Her two children’s son Ekansh (19 years) and daughter Suhana (17 years), keep her always in joyful mood and also are first critics on her looks, boutique owner Leena who is her sister also helps her in costume.

On the way to conquer Crown of Mrs Universe, best of luck Ruchi Narula.